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Yacht paints
Complete range of products for newbuilding, repair and maintenance of small yachts, boats and pleasure crafts.
Product Overview

Our range of products is specially developed to cover following different markets:

  • Yacht paints: products for new building, repair and maintenance of pleasure craft;
  • Composites: colour pastes, gelcoats and topcoats and bondingpastes for professional users;
  • Precast concrete: special lacquers and fillers for moulds;
  • Flooring: colour systems for trowelfloorings, self levelling floorings and roller-applied floorings. 

All products in each product group are carefully matched so each combination of products offers the best possible solution. Because of their unique properties, some products may be used in more than one market.

Product overview

De IJssel Coatings BV supplies a complete range of products for newbuilding, repair and maintenance of small yachts, boats and pleasure crafts. These products are carefully designed, fully compatible with each other and easy to apply, also by brush or roller. Our products offer a durable protection and colour.
Our range of products include paints and coatings for the protection of wood, corrosion preventing primers for steel and aluminium and osmosis repair systems for glass reinforced polyester.

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De IJssel Coatings BV is one of the largest independant producers of materials for glass reinforced composites in the Benelux. We supply a wide range of products for the polyester processing industry, from gelcoat, topcoat, bondingpastes and fillers to complete coatingsystems for repair and maintenance.

A flexible and modulair production system enables De IJssel Coatings BV to reduce lead times thus solving your stock management issues. Both large and small orders can be produced quickly and efficiently at the highest standard of quality, in almost any colour. Our gelcoat and topcoat is available in packsizes from 1,000 kg to 1 kg (standard colours). Special colours may be developed according to sample, the minimum order quantity in that case is 5 kg (gelcoat of topcoat) or 1 kg (polyester pigmentpaste).

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De IJssel Coatings BV has a complete range of products for the protection of wooden and steel mould used for casting concrete elements. This range of products includes bonding pastes and fillers based on epoxy and high quality coatings based on polyurethanes. Please let us inform you on the various possibilities.

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De IJssel Coatings BV develops and produces various colour pastes. An important property of our colour paste is the reactivity: the carrier of the colour paste will react with the system. This results in a better durability and quality. For this reason our colour pastes are not recommended as an universal tinting system, but only for the specific field of application for which the paste was developed.

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