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Yacht paints
Complete range of products for newbuilding, repair and maintenance of small yachts, boats and pleasure crafts.
Complete range of gelcoats, topcoats, bondingpastes, fillers and coatingsystems for glass fibre reinforced composites.
Precast concrete
Complete range of quality bonding materials, fillers and coatings to protect precast concrete moulds.
Complete range of specialised reactive colourpastes for coloring various materials in the resin flooring industry.
Production and Warehousing

Through a modular system of semi-finished products, we can simultaneously produce different colours and qualities. As a result we are able to respond rapidly and efficiently to your needs and requirements. As a matter of fact, almost 80% of all products we supply to our customers are made to order, shipped the same day of order. Only a small 20% is supplied from stock.

All our raw materials and finished products are stored in clean, conditioned warehouses which comply with all directives in the field of environmental protection. Our polyester products such as Poly Pigment Paste, Gelcoat and Poly Lak we produce "made to customer order" with the gelp of our automatic dosing systems. Also Double Coat and IJmopox HB coating can be made in any colour, any given quantity. An automated warehouse management system and quick and efficient order picking ensure a smooth order processing.