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Yacht paints
Complete range of products for newbuilding, repair and maintenance of small yachts, boats and pleasure crafts.

De IJssel Coatings started in a small shed, located on the banks of the river "De Hollandse IJssel" where a diesel engine powered a machine belt. This belt was connected to a paint production machine. This machine could produce almost 30 kg paint each day. Thus started in 1930 the "Machinale Verf- en Japanlak Fabriek De IJssel". From raw materials such as linseed oil and natural pigments like umber, ocker and sienna the first paints were produced. Later synthetic marterials such as white lead and red lead were used.

The first milestone was reached in 1940 when an extension was built to the original shed. This extension doubled the capacity. A shortage in raw materials during the Second World War caused production to a stand still. Luckily new market was found those years in the production of shoepolish, mostly in black. Years later, the residue of the black polish was still visible in factory.

After the Second World War new raw materials were introduced such as alkyd resins. Many formulations had to be adjusted, so the first chemist was employed by De IJssel. The name of the company changed into "Verf- Lak en Chemische Producten De IJssel NV" (Paint, Varnish and Chemical Products De IJssel NV).


The company showed a prosporous growth in turn over and in the number of employees. As new products were developed for a new emerging industry, the glassfiber reinforced polyester boatingindustry, it was necessary to increase the production capacity. A new factory was built in 1965 in Moordrecht at "het Oosteinde". This factory was extended in 1970 and 1980 in order to meet growing demand for materials.


In1990 it was decided to build again a new factory at a new industrial estate "'t Ambacht", also in Moordrecht. When the factory was finished the name of the company was changede into "De IJssel Coatings BV" and a new logo was introduced.

The new logo expressed the changes within the company in respect of products, markets and customers. High solid or solvent free products were introduced. Colours where developed, produced and controlled by computer. Investments were made in modern production and methods and continuous quality control. All this made possible by a team of well trained, motivated employees, committed to offer the best quality and service to the growing group of satisfied customers. 


To meet the logistic and environmental challenges it was decided in 2006 to purchase a 10,000 m2 plot of land on the new industrial estate "Gouwe Park" in Moordrecht. Summer 2008 the construction of a new factory was started. The official opening took place in October 2009. De IJssel Coatings can meet the challenges for the future: storage of bulk materials, raw materials and finished goods are according to the latest requirements and state-of-the-art. Spacious production areas, offices and laboratories gave sufficient room to develop the products of the future.

De IJssel Coatings adjusted itself in 86 years to the various changes. The quill was replaced by computer, letters are electronic mail, linseed oil is resins and solvents disappear. Only when we keep giving the cooperation with all our suppliers and our customers our highest priority, the story of De IJssel Coatings will continue.