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Complete range of gelcoats, topcoats, bondingpastes, fillers and coatingsystems for fibre reinforced composites.

Poltix pigmentpaste, Poltix gelcoat en Poly Lak topcoat are available in 45 standard kleuren, 12 metallic colours, white YT 100 and black YT 191. The 45 standaard are displayed below. As your personal settings for you display or video card might affect the actual colour, these colours should only be used as a guideline. Especially light shades may differ from actual colour. Upon request we will be happy to send you a colourcard. All shown colours are available in all qualities from 1000 gram and up. 


Colours according to other alternative collections, i.e. RAL or NCS, etc. are available against a small surcharge.


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