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Complete range of gelcoats, topcoats, bondingpastes, fillers and coatingsystems for fibre reinforced composites.

De IJssel Coatings BV is one of the largest independant producers of materials for glass reinforced composites in the Benelux. We supply a wide range of products for the polyester processing industry, from gelcoat, topcoat, bondingpastes and fillers to complete coatingsystems for repair and maintenance.

A flexible and modulair production system enables De IJssel Coatings BV to reduce lead times thus solving your stock management issues. Both large and small orders can be produced quickly and efficiently at the highest standard of quality, in almost any colour. Our gelcoat and topcoat is available in packsizes from 1,000 kg to 1 kg (standard colours). Special colours may be developed according to sample, the minimum order quantity in that case is 5 kg (gelcoat of topcoat) or 1 kg (polyester pigmentpaste).