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Frequently asked questions for IJmopox

Below please find a summary of frequently asked questions for IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating.


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Can I apply an antifouling on top of IJmopox HB coating?

Most types of antifouling may be applied directly over recently applied IJmopox HB coating. When recoating an aged layer of IJmopox HB coating, gritsanding will be necessary to achieve good adhesion.


Is antifouling really necessary?

When IJmopox HB coating is not coated with antifouling growth of algeae and barnacles may occur when the boat is in fouling active water. Then frequent brushing may be required to remove any fouling.

Can I cure IJmopox ZF primer and/or IJmopox HB coating at elevated temperatures?

This is possible after a flash-off time of approx. 30 minutes. After this period it is possible to force cure at 40 oC. At higher temperatures it is possible that airbubbles in GRP may break and cause damages in the surface.

Can I apply several layers of IJmopox ZF primer or IJmopox HB coating without sanding?

This is possible if the next layer is applied after 24 hours and within 48 hours. If not, sanding is recommended.


Can I apply several layers of IJmopox ZF primer or IJmopox HB coating wet-in-wet?

When you apply the next layer while the previous layer is still wet, solvent retention may occur. The solvent is being trapped within the layer, which may lead to blisters within the top layer.


Why do IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating adhere so badly around the filler neck of the diesel oil tank?

Probably, the polyester is saturated with diesel oil. Degrease the polyester several times with Double Coat Ontvetter.

How soon can Double Coat be applied to IJmopox ZF primer or IJmopox HB coating?

Double Coat can be applied to IJmopox ZF primer at room temperature after 16 hours. Double Coat can be applied to IJmopox HB coating after 8 hours.


How soon can I apply IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating over a new epoxy laminate?

After 24 hours, IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating can be applied over an epoxy laminate. Sand the epoxy laminate before applying IJmopox ZF primer or IJmopox HB coating.


How soon can I apply IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating to a fresh polyester surface?

The polyester needs to be completely cured. When working at a room temperature, the first layer can be applied after two to three weeks. Mind that polyester often consist of a paraffin top layer or can be contaminated by release agents.

What is best: dry or wet sanding?

The best choice is dry sanding. Especially when filler has to be sanded, it is better to use dry sanding. It takes quite some time before moisture has disappeared from the filler.

What quantity of IJmopox ZF primer or IJmopox HB coating may I prepare before painting?

Prepare a quantity of paint which may be applied within one to two hours. The larger the volume of mixed paint, the higher the temperature will be and the shorter the potlife will be. At higher temperatures the potlife will be shorter.


Can I apply IJmopox HB coating on top of tar epoxies?

It is possible to apply IJmopox HB coating on top of tar epoxies but bleeding may occur. Bleeding will have little effect on durability. We recommend to apply a small area first and check after 48 hours the adhesion.


Should I repaint IJmopox HB coating?

Like any other epoxy IJmopox HB coating will give chaulking, a white deposit of powder, when exposed to sunlight. We recommend to recoat IJmopox HB coating with Double Coat.


How can I clean tools and equipment used for IJmopox HB coating?

Tools and equipment used for the application of IJmopox ZF primer or IJmopox HB coating may be cleaned with IJmopox Verdunner.


What is the correct mixing ratio for IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating?

The mixing ratio is printed on the label of the can and in the technical datasheet. The mixing ratio for IJmopox ZF primer is 80 parts by volume base with 20 parts by volume hardener. The mixing ratio for IJmopox HB coating is 75 parts by volume base with 25 parts by volume hardener.


What thinner should I use for IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating?

The correct thinner for IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating is IJmopox Verdunner. Do not use thinners from other suppliers as these thinners may give unpredictable results.



Can I use IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating for areas below the waterline?


Why does the layer IJmopox ZF primer or IJmopox HB coating become dull?

The durability and gloss retention of epoxy materials is poor. Influenced by UV radiation, yellowing and chalking will take place, which causes the layer to become dull.

At what temperature should I apply IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating?

IJmopox ZF primer and IJmopox HB coating can be applied at a temperature between 5 and 30 oC.