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Reach safety training for the use of diisocyanates
The European Union has established new laws governing the use of products containing more than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanates. Get access to the required PU training here.
What REACH stands for

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation. It is a European regulation that aims to better protect human health and the environment from potential risks from chemicals, while ensuring that the EU chemical industry maintains its global competitiveness.

New REACH regulations.

The European Union has introduced a new restriction on the use of products containing more than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanates. This new rule also refers to the use of the pigmented Double Coat DD coating when used in a professional industrial, (pleasure craft) construction and (pleasure craft) maintenance application.


As of Aug. 24, 2023, all professional and industrial users must undergo training before using such products.

Why is it important



When working with two component polyurethane paints, the precautions in the safety data sheets are important to protect the health and safety of users. In two component polyurethane paints, the base is mixed with the hardener in a specific ratio. After mixing, a reaction occurs based on the crosslinking of pre-polymers through their isocyanate groups.


When applying such polyurethane products, users may be exposed to minimal amounts of unreacted monomeric diisocyanates used in the production of these pre-polymers. However, after complete curing the diisocyanates have reacted and the final compounds are completely free of these reactive chemicals.

Will De IJssel Coatings' current polyurethane solutions remain available for industrial and construction use?

Yes, the Double Coat DD Lacquer will continue to be available. Users can continue to use this product by taking the online application training and receiving a certificate valid for five years. However, De IJssel Coatings is working hard to also offer the Double Coat DD lacquer in low monomer content in the foreseeable future.

Free access to PU training

By following the steps below, you can receive training and certification in the safe handling of diisocyanates according to the legal training requirements of the REACH regulation.


1.         To join the FREE training program, go to the training platform.


Click here


2.         Select your desired language.

3.         Scroll down towards "available trainings."
4.         Select 1 of the courses. (Please note! We only offer the training courses that are applicable to our Double Coat DD Paint free of charge.) These are the following courses:

003, Spraying in a ventilated booth, open mixtures, cleaning and waste

005, Application by brush or roller, open mixtures, cleaning and waste

023, Professional painting - Painting with brush and roller

If you brush or roll our products, attend training 005. If spray our products, attend training 003. If you brush, roll and spray our products, attend training 003 and 023.

5.         Click on register

6.         Fill in all required fields and click next.

7.         Enter the code DeIJssel-2023. Once entered, you will see that the amount payable for the training is €0.

Options to comply with REACH legislation

De IJssel Coatings offers its users several options to comply with the restricted use of diisocyanates. Our Double Coat DD Lacquer remains available, but its use requires the user to be trained and certified. In addition, De IJssel Coatings offers several alternatives to the Double Coat DD Lacquer that do not require additional measures such as: Tweecolux, Double Coat Double UV "new", Double Coat model paint and Double Coat Cabin Varnish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diisocyanates are primarily used to make polyurethane products, such as rigid and flexible foams, coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers. They are present to varying degrees in liquid and pasty products, but react completely with ambient moisture and are therefore no longer present in finished, cured polyurethane products.

The restriction prohibits neither the sale nor the use of PU products.

The restriction applies to all products containing more than 0.1% monomeric diisocyanates, such as; our Double Coat DD Varnish. It is important to note that cured products in their finished form no longer contain isocyanates and the restriction does not apply to them. It is also not applicable to products with very low residual amounts of diisocyanate, for example, our Tweecolux, Double Coat Double UV "new" and Double Coat model paint.

Occupational incident registries across Europe regularly record accurate, albeit low, annual numbers of asthma cases related to work with diisocyanates. In 2012, the German authority BAuA began work on a regulation to significantly reduce these numbers. Diisocyanates can be handled safely if adequate handling and risk management measures are taken. However, a single incident can make a person sensitive to diisocyanates, which can then cause asthma even at the lowest concentrations. The best way to manage such a risk is to educate anyone working with diisocyanates on proper handling.

The restriction ensures that anyone handling diisocyanates professionally is educated about their properties and the requirements for safe use prior to their use. It has two parts: one applies to manufacturers of PU products and the other to professional users.


1.         To sell a product covered by the restriction, the training requirement must be stated on the label and the supplier must provide the customer with information on where or how to obtain the required training.

2.         To use a product subject to the restriction, the employer must document that the user has successfully completed training.

Feb. 24, 2022: Products subject to the restriction must be labeled accordingly.

Aug. 24, 2023: Training must be completed before the products in question are used.

The training is valid for five years and must be renewed thereafter.

The legal text specifies the topics to be covered and requires the training to be tailored to the application process. The training can be conducted online or in person. The trainer must have completed professional training in occupational safety and health. Industry associations in the diisocyanate supply chain have developed training materials that meet these requirements and offer the training online through a public Internet platform. Trainers can also access these training materials through the same website.

De IJssel Coatings is offering online training courses applicable to our product Double Coat DD Lacquer by providing a coupon code for free access to the training.

You must take the training if you use any product containing more than 0.1% diisocyanates in a professional or industrial setting. Any product covered by this restriction must carry the following sentence on the packaging:


"As of August 24, 2023, adequate training is required prior to industrial or professional use."


De IJssel Coatings is also adding this sentence to its safety data sheet and further information on accessing online training in the technical data sheet.

The user's employer or independent user is responsible for completing the training and documenting successful participation. National labor inspections can verify this documentation.