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Precast concrete
Complete range of quality bonding materials, fillers and coatings to protect precast concrete molds.
Poltix Super Plamuur set
Poltix Super Plamuur is a multi purpose polyester filler for general use. Excellent for repairing polyester boats, tanks, caravans, spoilers etc. Fast curing. Minimal shrinking. Can be recoated with v ...
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IJmofix Plamuur set
IJmofix is a fine polyester-based finishing filler. IJmofix is specifically recommended when light shades of Double Coat will be applied as final colour. Fast curing. Minimal shrinking. Can be recoate ...
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Poltix Vezelplamuur set
Poltix Vezelplamuur is a polyester filer reinforced with glass fibre. Excellent for the repair of larger damages in polyester boats, tanks, caravans, spoilers, etc. Fast curing. Minimal shrinking. To ...
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