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Complete range of gelcoats, topcoats, bondingpastes, fillers and coatingsystems for glass fibre reinforced composites.
Precast concrete
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13 July 2020
Refrigerator truck with our high-quality polyester topcoats

The walls and floor of this refrigerator truck are finished with our high-quality polyester topcoats. By means of the white "extra-covering Poly Lak YT 400", the fiberglass surface is beautifully shiny. The gray variant, Poly Lak extra covering YT 431, is filled with rough particles to create a strong anti-slip floor. This creates a seamless and easy to clean loading space in this refrigerator truck that can be used for various applications.


These topcoats also have a certificate "suitable for food contact"


Client; Carrosseriefabriek Harderwijk