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30 September 2019
Elegant curved columns for Stuttgart s21 railway station

The feet for the open-worked chalices up to 13 meters high were made by Züblin Timber. The individual mould elements for the three-dimensional and elegantly curved columns are made of solid wood constructions that have been precisely milled to size using a special CNC robot. The special white concrete was later poured into this extensive mould construction. The challenges: multiple use of moulds, no visible joints and non-porous concrete surfaces. This has been successfully achieved!

The joints between the mouldparts are filled with Variopox epoxy filler. The surface protection was carried out with a special epoxy resin, in combination with fiberglass mats, which was the only resin that could convince in the tests. The moulds are sealed with our special mould finishes Tweecolor and Tweecolux. This combination results in a very smooth and resistant surface. The elements are therefore suitable for multiple use, in this case for a minimum of 20 releases. The development of the complete resin, filler and coating system was carried out by NautiCare GmbH in collaboration with de IJssel Coatings BV on the basis of the project requirements.