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Yacht paints
Complete range of products for newbuilding, repair and maintenance of small yachts, boats and pleasure crafts.
Variopox Finishing Filler T5 is a low temperature curing two-component epoxy finishing filler developed with the latest technology available. This white finishing filler can be used above 5 ̊C and is suitable for filling holes and irregularities, also below the waterline.
Variopox Impregneerhars set (Impregnating resin)
Variopox Impregneerhars is a high performance two component epoxy system. Recommended as resin for bonding, preservation and laminating. Solvent free. Excellent water resistance. Can be recoated with ...
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IJmopox ZF primer set
IJmopox ZF primer is a corrosion preventing two component epoxy primer for steel and aluminium. Also recommended as primer for micro-porous polyester surfaces. Excellent adhesion. Excellent water resi ...
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Tweecolux set (Transparent primer)
Tweecolux is an easy to sand varnish for wood. Fast drying and rapid recoating with one- or two component products. High filling properties. Easy to sand. Rapid drying, multiple layers can be applied ...
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