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Yacht paints
Complete range of products for newbuilding, repair and maintenance of small yachts, boats and pleasure crafts.
Variopox Finishing Filler T5 is a low temperature curing two-component epoxy finishing filler developed with the latest technology available. This white finishing filler can be used above 5 ̊C and is suitable for filling holes and irregularities, also below the waterline.
Aluminium ontluchtingsroller
Roller for de-aerating freshly applied polyester or epoxy laminates. ...
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Variopox dispensers set (dosing pumps)
Two dispensers for easy dispensing the components of Variopox Universal Resin in the correct mixing ratio. ...
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Variobond doseerpistool (dosing pistol)
High quality caulking gun for Variobond and Varaiopox Finishing filler cartridges. ...
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Double Coat Schuimroller (Foamroller)
Double Coat Foamroller for the application of Double Coat, Double Coat Dubbel UV, Double Coat Karaat or Double Coat Cabin Varnish. ...
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IJmopox Viltroller (Feltroller)
IJmopox Feltroller for the application of IJmopox ZF primer of IJmopox HB coating. ...
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Variopox Nylonroller
Variopox Nylonroller for the application of Variopox Impregneerhars, Universele hars or Rolcoating. ...
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Tristar weegschaal KW-2430 (digital scale)
Digital weighingscale for acurate weighing of the components of Double Coat, IJmopox or Variopox. ...
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Polyester kwast (brush)
Special brush with uncoated brushhandle and therefore suitable for Poltix, Double Coat and IJmopox products. ...
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Variopox Plamuurmachine (Dispensingmachine)
Variopox dispensingmachine is a machine with which it is possible to accurately dispense both components of Variopox Filler, Variopox LG Filler, Variopox Finishing Filler, Variobond Flex or Variobond ...
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