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17 December 2018
Drum set with a Double Coat System
Elte Folkersma, an employee of boatbuilding ‘De Vrijheid Watersport B.V.’ in Loosdrecht, did not built a boat this time but his own drum set. Our products were also very useful for this. The wooden parts of the drum set are glued with Variobond. After this the wood is pre-treated with Variopox Injectiehars and sanded with P 180.  The wood is painted with 3 coats of Double Coating Cabin Varnish to give it the silk gloss appearance he wants. Before applying the final layer, he sanded the surface with P 400. The wooden parts are now ready for use.
Builder and user: Elte Folkersma
Products supplied by: Bootbouwerij De Vrijheid (