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Yacht paints
Complete range of products for newbuilding, repair and maintenance of small yachts, boats and pleasure crafts.
Variopox Finishing Filler T5 is a low temperature curing two-component epoxy finishing filler developed with the latest technology available. This white finishing filler can be used above 5 ̊C and is suitable for filling holes and irregularities, also below the waterline.
19 January 2022
Jachthaven Heeg uses our iso/npg gelcoat for the production of the Pointer 30

Jachtwerf Heeg, producer of several sailboats like the well known Randmeer, G2, Splash, Olympiajol and the very successful Pointer which now also has a larger Pointer 30 in production!

These sailboats are made with high quality materials of IJssel Coatings, including a special iso/npg gelcoat developed for yacht building!